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We have had a major hardware failure

Update as of 24/12/2022
The new website is almost here, we know it doesn’t look like much right now, but it should be open late December or early January. For our loyal visitors, we will be offering FREE listings for January, just to say sorry for the outage. Keep checking back, we will be back soon.

Update as of 20/12/2022, unfortunately we have lost all data from the website and the forums. We are currently building the new website, so you may see strange things happening on the site, we hope to be back in early January 2023. We hope everyone has a safe and happy festive season.

We apologize for any inconvenience this outage has caused. Unfortunately we have had a major hardware failure and we are currently working feverishly to retrieve corrupted data. Unfortunately, things are not looking very positive, but if we cannot retrieve our old website we will commence building a new one. The most disappointing loss, will be the information that was on our forum and it will take a long time to replace that information if we have to. We will have further updates, as information becomes available. 

Thank you for your patience
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