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Listing Items

Sell your Item

List an item for sale on

Get your Item Appraised

Get a personal appraisal of your item's value.

During the Auction

My Auctions

View current or past listings organized into various logical views, including Items I Listed and Items I Sold .

Edit a Listing

If your item has not been bid on, you can change the listing properties such as title or description, starting bid, reserve price, length, etc.

Add to Description

Add more information to your auction's description.

Manage Item Pictures

Add / Remove / Change the pictures or thumbnail on an Auction.

End an Auction Early

You can use this to close your auction before its scheduled ending date and time.

View User Feedback

Check the feedback rating of yourself, another seller, or a bidder.

After the Auction

Request User Information

Retrieve the name and address of a user that you have bought from or sold to.

Verify an FLD License

To prevent forgery of FLD licenses, you must verify the license copy that the buyer sent to you against our database of FLD information.


Submit feedback on one or more winning bidders simultaneously.

Relist an Item

Provides both a fast and easy way to relist one or more items immediately with no changes, and a way to relist an individual item after making changes to it before you relist it.

Resolving Problems with the Buyer

If you cannot contact the buyer, have not received payment, or have some other problem with a buyer, use this form to help resolve the problem.

Non-Paying Bidder Overview

This page helps you collect payment from a winning bidder and explains how to get a credit if a winning bidder fails to complete the transaction. Shipping

Learn about the benefits of the shipping system.

Create a Shipment

This page lets you create a shipment using the shipping system.

See All Orders

This page lets you see all the orders that belong to you from a sellers or buyers perspective.

Manage the Auction

Account Status

Review the financial status of your account, including fees assessed and payments made. You can also print a statement.

Edit Account Information

Change your account information, including your email address, and other contact information.

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