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Oz Gun Broker offers great exposure with our advertising system, we offer a number of banner sizes and locations throughout our web site. You can purchase a package that utilizes all of our banner locations or you can simply choose one location to show your banner. We also offer a weekly report to show how your campaign is progressing, this allows you to monitor your click through rate (CTR). We tailor make your package to suit you, this simply means we discuss what you need and we will tailor make your advertisement package.

We only offer the space for you to advertise, we do not create banners, you will need to supply us with the correct size banners. We have 4 locations that our banners show on the web site, We use standard  sizing for our banners, as we have made the banner areas fit our web site style, below are the banner sizes we use and the locations they appear on our site. You can use an animated banner or a static image, the choice is yours. Please contact us so we can customize an Oz Gun Broker Ad Campaign just for you.

Header Banner
Our header banner is a great way to advertise with, this is because it gets the best exposure on our web site. This banner shows in the top right corner of our web site, this means it will show on all pages of the main auction web site. This banner is a standard sized banner. This banner is 468 Pixels wide by 60 Pixels high, this can be seen below in the banner demo section, it is Banner 1.

Footer Banner
Our footer banner is also very well placed, this banner shows in the footer section on all pages of the main auction web site. Not quite as visable as the header banner, but still shows on a lot of pages. This will increase banner views. This banner is also a very large banner and is very visable when visitors get to the bottom of pages. The footer banner is 728 Pixels wide by 90 Pixels high, this banner is known as a scoreboard banner.. To see what the footer banner looks like it is Banner 2 in the banner demo section below.

Right Column Banner
The right column banner is a standard sized banner, this banner is known as a wide skyscraper banner, this banner is 160 Pixels wide by 600 Pixels high. This banner shows in the right column of all the listing pages. This means everyone that looks at items for sale on the web site will see this banner. It takes up the entire right column beside the listing information. This banner will be viewed very regularly and will work very hard for your advertising campaign, to see this banner size and style please look at Banner 3 in the banner demo section below.

Left Column Banner
The left column banner is a smaller version of the right column banner, the banner is basically half the height of the right column banner. The left column banner is 160 Pixels wide by 300 Pixels high, this banner is a very useful size to get your information accross to our members. This banner shows on most of our pages that have a left column, but it does not show on all pages that have a left column. This banner does show on the left column of the front page of our web site below the categories list. This is a very good location to get maximum exposure. To see the banner style and size please look at Banner 4 in the demo section below.


Banner 1
Banner 2
Banner 4 Banner 3