This is a very fine example of a late 1944 dated WWII British Enfield No. 4 MK 1(T) sniper rifle with an original WWII type No. 32 MKIII scope and mount. These rifles were developed in the late 1930s and were the standard WWII British sniper rifle used until the early 1960s. The side of the receiver is marked "No. 4 Mk. I/T", and the socket is marked "M47C/1944/G36447/TR". The rifle is fitted with a blade front sight. It has the wartime semi-pistol grip stock that is fitted with a wooden cheekpiece on top of the comb, a full-length forestock and two top handguards. The underside of the buttstock is marked "S51" and the correct British acceptance proofs, indicating conversion at Holland and Holland. The front underside of the forend is stamped with the correct British acceptance proofs and matching serial number "35447". As noted, it is fitted with a No. 32 MKIII sniper scope that is marked "TEL. SIG/No.32 Mk.III/O.S. 2039A/AK &S No 16561/1944". It has a post and crosshair reticle pattern. The front of the mount has a "N92" maker's mark and is stamped with serial number "D37399" on the left rear side. The scope rings are stamped on the top and bottom half, respectively "X731" and "X732". This sniper rifle is complete with one original box magazine, a No. 4 MK II spike bayonet and scabbard, and an unmarked commercial leather sling. There were approximately 26,000 of these rifles manufactured during WWII; most saw heavy use during the war, and the balance were given to other countries in the United Kingdom after the war. Only a couple hundred were ever imported in the 1960s by Interarms.
Very fine with 80% of the wartime blue/black metal finish overall with minor edge and high spot wear with some thinning on the sides of the receiver from handling and use. The stock and handguards are both in fine condition with a nice original color overall showing minor light handling marks overall from actual field/service use. The bolt is renumbered to match. The scope and mount also retain 95% plus of their original wartime finish overall with clear optics. The windage and elevation knobs work correctly; however, the clicker on the windage knobs is a little weak. A very nice example of a desirable WWII British No. 4 Mki (T) sniper rifle. These are considered as a minimum starting point for any British sniper rifle collection