This type of ammunition was designed for accuracy proofing the 98k rifles. It was made with specially selected components for the highest accuracy . It soon became known by marksmen of the wehrmacht and was in great demand for sniper use. This production was done by finower gmbh which was owned by the mannesmann-stahlblechbau combine which also had a controlling interest in the prague iron company and other extensive concerns in czechosolvokia. When germany took over the czechs the ss was given control of the production of weapons and other sectors of their heavy industry. Through this they took over control of the mannesmann groups as well. These connections gave the ss control over many ordnance production factories including finower. The ss was able to provide its snipers with a ready supply of this special ammunition. ************************************please note well ***** this sale is for one cartridge and a color copy of the special box label and a color copy of the ss sniper photo.
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