International visitors and firearmsInt.-Visitor-Firearm-Permit-App.pdf
If you plan to visit Australia to participate in an approved shooting activity in Victoria, you must have an 'International Visitors Permit'. You will not be able to participate in a Victorian shoot until your International Visitors Permit application (PDF) has been approved.

If you want to bring your own firearm, ammunition, parts or accessories with you when you participate in an approved Victorian shooting activity, you must also have the relevant Import Permit. Australian Customs will not release your items to you if your Import Permit application has not been approved before you arrive in Australia.

You should submit both applications four weeks before your visit.

If you move permanently to Australia from overseas, you do not require a Permit to Acquire to bring your firearms with you as long as you can prove that you own them. You will, however, need to apply for a Victorian firearm licence and must provide details of the firearms you own on your licence application form. You will also need to arrange for a LFD to store your firearms while the outcome of your firearm licence application is determined.