Prior to the release of any firearms, ammunition, parts or accessories to a Victorian resident,
Customs requires Victoria Police to certify either that you are appropriately licensed to
receive such an item; or that the item does not require a licence to be held. There are no
fees for requesting Victoria Police certification, however, applying for a permit to acquire a
new firearm attracts a processing fee.
In order to receive this certification from Victoria Police, you must follow the steps listed
Owned firearms, ammunition, parts or accessories
To bring firearms, ammunition, parts or accessories you already own into Australia you must:
• Submit a completed ‘Application for Police Confirmation for the Importation of Firearms
and Parts’ form 28 days prior to requiring the import permit.
• Provide Victoria Police with the full details of the firearm(s), ammunition parts, or
accessories which are to be brought into Australia.
Detailed information about the specifications and quantity of the following need to be
• Ammunition – for example the number of rounds, the type (e.g. Centrefire, Rimfire, Air,
Shotgun or Paintball) and calibre (e.g. 38 Super, 9mmluger etc).
• Reloading – precise details of the components.
• Magazines – calibre & capacity.
• Stocks – type of material (eg. timber or synthetic).
• Barrels – calibre and length in millimetres.
Providing this information is necessary to avoid any processing delays.