Converted from MKII mother rifle, the model has the long cocking indicator and the fore-end is fitted with the cross pin and lug as found on the MkII Martini Henry rifle, barrel length is 30.2” (76.5cm) long, and of a lightweight profile. Sighting is via a 1800 yard leaf.the large letter “E” stamped upon the knock forms to denote Enfield rifling. Unlike the M-E MkI The fore-sight is an adjustable ramped barleycorn on block. The M-E MkII has the same wooden handguard as fitted to M-E MkI a single spring clip.

Designed to accept a bushed pattern 1876 22” bayonet, with the sight hump removed and the slot opened up to accept the ramped sight.

Markings: Right hand V.R II, left hand V.R M.E .303, II*.