8mm Mauser; 96% blue, stock, 23.62'' barrel, This is a very fine example of an original WWII German high turret sniper rifle as manufactured by the Mauser factory and fitted with a Dialytan 4x sniper scope. In service from 1939 to the end of the war, turret mount rifles were considered the most efficient design of the K98 rifles. This rifle is fitted with an early all blue sniper scope made by the Hensoldt Scope Company. The left side of the tube is marked "DIALYTAN 4x/bmj" and 69701/ + and the scope has the correct style sniper elevation knob that is graduated from 100-800 meters, with the front ring numbered "1462S the left side of the rear scope base is marked with an eagle/135 proof. The top of the receiver ring is covered by the front turret, with the right side having a single eagle/135 Waffenamt proof and the left side having a single eagle/35 and Nazi firing proofs flanking the serial number. The left receiver wall is marked "Mod. 98". The left rear of the barrel is marked with a Nazi firing proof. The rifle has a milled trigger guard, floor plate and barrel bands, with a matching bolt that is a correct wartime version with the milled safety. The rifle is equipped with a hooded ramp front sight, tangent rear sight graduated to 200 meters, it does have a cupped buttplate and original brown leather sling. The right side of the buttstock is marked with a large eagle/WaA135 proof and a smaller, unrecognizable proof below it. It is a number matching rifle., s/n 146xxl