Rare and Unique Marlin Prototype Open Top Slide Action 22 Caliber Rifle

This is a unique example of a very rare Marlin Firearms Co. prototype pump action rifle chambered in 22. This rifle is in superb condition and interestingly enough it has all the typical Marlin characteristics of their rifles however it has the slide action, "Open Top" receiver that is almost identical to the Winchester Model 62 pump action rifle. Even more interesting is that this rifle was purchased from the Olin factory collection when they sold off many of the excess rifles, 15-20 years ago. Could this rifle actually be a Marlin pump action rifle that was designed and built to compete with the highly successful Winchester Model 1890/1906/62 product line? Could this rifle have even been produced by Marlin and then Winchester purchased the rifle and design rights from the Marlin Rifle company with the intent to keep it off of the market and prevent competition between the two companies? We will never know. The rifle itself is totally unmarked except for the single digit serial number stamped on top of the breech end of the barrel. However the rifle has numerous outward/design characteristics that are very similar to the exposed hammer, Marlin rifles models, 18, 20 and 29 that were produced in the 1910-1932 time frame. Most notably is the very squared receiver profile, with the classic "split receiver" type action that was held together by a single screw. This type of action was used on various Marlin rifles even through the Model 39s, also the short pistol grip style stock and the grooved, tapered, style pump handle. Also the receiver also has the short lower tang, that is almost identical the later manufactured, Winchester Model 61 pump action rifle. The buttstock has the standard black plastic butt plate that is embossed in the center with an oval panel marked "Marlin" which someone has non-professionally tried to remove the Marlin name, however you can still see the partial "M" and "n" in the name.3480.jpg3480-1.jpg3480-2.jpg3480-3 (1).jpg3480-4.jpg