The company which exists today was founded in 1865 by Vincenzo Bernardelli with the establishment of a large factory with water-powered machinery. Vincenzo Bernardelli originally made Damascus twist shotgun barrels.

Later, when his son joined the business, the company began making whole shotguns, which was the company’s primary business for most of its existence. From 1930 to 1933 the company manufactured the 10.4mm Italian service revolver known as the System Bodeo, Modello 1889, with a total production in excess of 25,000. This was their first handgun. During World War II the company began manufacturing artillery fuses, production of which continued until 1986.
After World War II, Bernardelli introduced its first self-loading pistol, the VP (Vest Pocket) Model, which was based on the Walther Model 9. In 1997 the V. Bernardelli Company was forced into bankruptcy and its assets, brands, and trademarks were acquired by the Turkish company Sarsilmaz.

This box-lock, side by side double barrel shotgun with extractors, was manufactured early 1900s. This mechanism is an Anson and Deeley action and only differs in principal from the English (Greener) box-lock in execution of the barrel lock-up, triggers mechanism and safety catch.

The receiver carries no engraving and is case hardened and the barrels blued. A under lever locks the drop-down barrels on double lumps and the stock has a semi pistol grip. The barrels are quarter and three quarter choked. Strangely this shotgun can almost fold double for packing in a case, without disassembling the barrels. This is a quality Italian shotgun from the old craftsmen before WW1.

The manufacturing rights for Bernardelli shotguns moved to Turkey early in the 21st century.