This is a very scarce example of a late pre-WWII MG-13 machine gun as manufactured by the Berlin-Schuler Waffenwerke (BSW) circa 1937/38. This rare MG was manufactured under a commercial contract for the country of Portugal as it is correctly stamped on the right side of the receiver with the large Portuguese Crest/1938, which was the model number of the Portuguese version. Little early history is know about the MG-13 as it was produced at a time when Germany was under the restrictions of the Versailles Treaty (post WWI). The design was an improved/converted version of the original WWI Dreyse Model 1918, water cooled heavy machine gun. This improved model was basically an air-cooled version of the Model 1918. It was originally produced by the Simpson factory after WWI and then later in the mid to late 1930s by the BSW (Berlin-Schuler Waffenwerke) factory. The redesign made it light weight and easy to handle in the field. It was originally fitted with a single side mounted 25 round magazine, and a saddle or double-drum magazine was also developed like the MG-34s, which was the next German machine gun to replace this one. It had a folding bipod permanently attached to the barrel jacket, with a unique side folding buttstock. It has a rotating carrying handle that made it easy to transport and was fitted with a folding front sight with tangent rear sight graduated from 100-2000 like the K98 rifle and a long range folding sight. This example is stamped on the left side of the barrel jacket and the top of the bolt areas with "WaA4" and "Eagle/4" Waffenamt proofs from the BSW factory, and it is also stamped with a "Crown/BNP" proof indicating it was captured/imported into England at some point. The underside of the receiver does have a small importer's mark of "BELLO WPB FL." This desirable machine gun is accompanied by an anti-aircraft tripod, 2 spare barrels in a barrel case, plus 2 additional barrels, 1 leather gunners repair kit (complete with extra bolt and tools), canvas shoulder strap, 6 canvas magazine pouches with 4 magazines in each pouch and 3 ammo cans with eight magazines per can (48 magazines total), 1 canvas bag with sustained ground fire kit with an extra bolt assembly, magazine Loader, and flash hider in a soaking can.