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Thread: Marlin Firearms 39 .22 S,L,LR

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    Marlin Firearms 39 .22 S,L,LR

    Marlin Firearms 39 .22 S,L,LR caliber rifle. Produced in the 1920’s. 24” long octagon barrel. Excellent bore. The wood shows very minor dents and dings. The butt stock shows nice figure. Has the original butt plate. The tang sight is not marked. Has about 95% finish. Excellent condition. Gun has the star on the tang indicating an extra finish rifle. Receiver has approximately 95% case colors. Barrel and tube have 98% original blue. Very fine early Model 93! in the U.S EXPECT TO PAY $4K IN AUSTRALIA EXPECT TO PAY $3K+ P1820840__83436.1419622148.1280.1280.JPGP1820841__88891.1419622151.1280.1280.JPGP1820842__36817.1419622154.1280.1280.JPGP1820843__53107.1419622154.1280.1280.JPGP1820844__81854.1419622156.1280.1280.JPGP1820845__99905.1419622157.1280.1280.JPGP1820846__96613.1419622157.1280.1280.JPGP1820847__24768.1419622154.1280.1280.JPGP1820848__89492.1419622156.1280.1280.JPGP1820849__86773.1419622160.1280.1280.JPG
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