One of the final weapons designed and developed by the Nazis as an effort late in World War II, the VG1 was one of the "People's Weapons", last-ditch small arms produced by an industrial complex surrounded on all sides while being destroyed by Allied strategic bombers. In essence, the VG1 is a successor of the Mauser 98k, stripped to the bone with as many simplified or repurposed parts as possible in the name of getting a working rifle out the door ASAP. Relatively few made it to the States due to the variety of "prettier" weapons to be had by trophy hunters and the relative abundance of 98Ks to be had by GIS looking for a sporter, making them scarce on the modern market. Dovetailed blade front and fixed notch rear sights, with a barrel originally meant for a machine gun, a magazine for a K43 rifle, a roughly machined bolt and a bar steel receiver marked "158". Smooth green painted pistol grip stock, with a fixed wire sling loop and a thin sheet metal buttplate.
Fine. The blued components retain 60% plus of the original finish, showing areas of brown/copper patina on the receiver, remnants of green paint, and scattered handling marks. The stock shows a number of dents and scuffs, with a "V" cut into the left side of the buttstock. Mechanically fine.