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SN: L32431 Cased, matching & minty British military magazine fed bolt action sniper rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. Rebuilt in 1975 by the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield utilizing a 1944 dated B.S.A. Co. No 4 Mk I (T) sniper rifle receiver. In estimation a total of 900 L42A1 rifles were produced with 450 of them condemned and destroyed in the post-service years by the Ministry of Defense. Imported by Gemco of Princeton, N.J. with small import marks on the underside of the barrel forward of the wood furniture. Features a black finish, 27.6" heavy barrel marked "PAT. APPLN No 15572/73", shrouded patridge front sight, flip-up rear aperture sight graduated to 1,300 meters, TEL.STRT. STG, L1A1 scope, single barrel band, smooth trigger, detachable 10 round magazine, manual safety on the left side of the receiver, integral charge loading cuts in the receiver, green nylon sling, smooth short wood handguard & forend and straight grip shoulder stock with cheek rest & brass trapdoor buttplate. Includes a wood transit case marked "RIFLE 7.62MM L42A1/L32431/TEL STRT. STG. L1A1.16812" with accoutrements. Serial numbers match on the receiver, bolt handle, magazine, scope mount & wood transit case. The scopes serial number is also found stamped into the top of the wrist and on the wood transit case. The left side of the receiver is marked "L42.A1.[Enfield 'ED' monogram]75." & "T." The scope's "TEL STG No 32 MK III" designation has been lined out and the L1A1 designation has been added. Rifle exhibits approximately 97% of it's black finish with scattered losses on the scope and very few losses observed elsewhere. Action is smooth, the bore is excellent with round style lands, optics are sharp, markings are crisp and the wood stocks are fine. Condition is Excellent in case. From The John F Sukey Collection